Ithacaption: Week 3

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“Many people don’t know this, but I’m actually a volunteer firefighter. I started as a junior volunteer firefighter in the 8th grade and eventually made it to be a full-fledged volunteer by the time I was seventeen years old.

One night we got a call about an accident on 9A, which is a very narrow two-lane highway in my hometown. A car had hit a bicyclist and the man who was injured was unresponsive. The bicycle itself was crumpled together and looked as if there was only one wheel when there should’ve been two. I performed CPR on John Doe while the EMT was giving him mouth-to-mouth. He continued to be unresponsive as the ambulance arrived and he was transported to the hospital.

We waited outside the hospital to see what would happen with this man. He ended up dying. I haven’t performed CPR since.”


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