Dr. Stephen Mosher, Sport Studies professor/coordinator, was quoted in a recent ESPN.com piece written by Ithaca College alum Andrew Marchand ’96.

“Are fans giving the Mets a free pass?” explores the fan culture and allegiances to underperforming professional teams. Commenting on how fans chose the Mets over the Yankees, Dr. Mosher states:

“The first Mets fans were deliberately choosing to not to be Yankee fans. They may not have been Brooklyn or Giants fans, when those teams left. They might not even have been baseball fans.

“It was a deliberate choice to be an anti-Yankee fan. The Mets represented the World’s Fair and the 21st century in a way the Yankees didn’t. The Mets also represent the middle class, the way the Yankees don’t. The Yankees own everything. They are the high rollers. They always have been. A lot of people living in the real world resent that.”

Photo Credit: Brian Sullivan


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