By Steve Mosher

Lana died. She would rather I say she moved on. She may have but I have not.

In academia, a human being’s worth is often measured by the number of letters after one’s name. This is nonsense. Unquestionably, Lana was the most important person in our department. She was the beginning and the end for our students. She was the beginning and end for me.

Lana and I had many conversations about life and films (especially Kurosawa’s) and children and burdens and hopes and dreams and our mutual friend Kyle and zombies and aliens and star-gazing and that “island” in the middle of the deep blue ocean where we could rest our weary heads.

To paraphrase from “Red” Redding from one of our favorite films, “I hope Lana is on her beach. I hope to see my friend again. I hope the ocean is as blue as it was in her dreams. I hope.”


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