Our annual Careers in Sport Symposium is slowly — yet surely — approaching (Saturday, October 12th). Leading up to the big show, we will highlight a few of our alumni/panelists so you can learn more about their respective, wide-ranging experiences. Today, get to know Brendan Long.

Where you’re from:

Auburn, NY

Major/minor(s) at IC:

Major: Sport Management / Minor: Economics

Best IC memories:
So many to choose from, but if I have to narrow it down it would be my main internship. Spending a summer in the Dominican Republic with the Yankees summer league was an experience I will take with me the rest of my life.

Current professional position/title:

General Manager (Legends Sales & Marketing, Fresno State Project)

How you got there:
Hard work to produce sales numbers and networking within the industry. From direct sales business-to-business, to Golden State Warriors season ticket sales, to the 49ers New Stadium Project as a sales consultant, now leading the Fresno State project — I’ve tried to always make the most of every opportunity and stay connected because you never know where/when the next one may emerge.

Most valuable skill/trait:

Not sure if it’s a skill, but a desire for success and setting goals — seeing the bigger picture and understanding how much hard work it takes to advance in the sports industry. Then holding myself accountable to follow through and make it happen day in and day out.

Best piece of personal advice to fellow IC students:

Find something you are passionate about and never let yourself be outworked. Don’t be afraid of sales, it can provide great career opportunities.


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