Our annual Careers in Sport Symposium is slowly — yet surely — approaching (Saturday, October 12th). Leading up to the big show, we will highlight a few of our alumni/panelists so you can learn more about their respective, wide-ranging experiences. Today, get to know Lindsay Schwartz.

Where you’re from:

Lititz, PA

Major/minor(s) at Ohio University:

Major: Sports Management / Minor: Business / Ralph & Luci Schey Sales Centre Certificate

Best OU memories:
Field hockey. Specifically senior year and making it to the Division I National Sweet 16 Tournament (we lost to Michigan).

Current professional position/title:

Talent Development Associate (Legends)

How you got there:
Stayed in contact with my mentors. Took chances. Broadened my horizons on what I thought my career path would be.

Most valuable skill/trait:

Willingness to take risks. Positive attitude and openness to learning are some others. Work ethic is essential.

Best piece of personal advice to IC students:

What you do in college matters. Internships matter. Gaining as much experience and knowledge as possible makes a difference. Building relationships and making connections are vital.


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