Our annual Careers in Sport Symposium is slowly — yet surely — approaching (Saturday, October 12th). Leading up to the big show, we will highlight a few of our alumni/panelists so you can learn more about their respective, wide-ranging experiences. Today, get to know Ivan Dashkov.

Where you’re from:
I was born in Russia and grew up in Norwood, Massachusetts

Major/minor(s) at IC:
Sport Media

Best IC memories:

My best memory was spending a summer in Ithaca. I was a Media Center Volunteer for Watkins Glen International that summer. When I wasn’t working, I hung out with friends going gorge diving and on wine tours.

Current professional position/title:

Digital Marketing Coordinator at the NBA

How you got there:

Networking. I interned with the Celtics while in college and I asked my boss there to recommend me. Kyle Woody also connected me with a contact he had that knew people at the NBA.

Most valuable skill/trait:
Just being ambitious. Before I got hired with the NBA, I was coaching volleyball as a college assistant coach, girl’s juniors club coach (similar to AAU basketball) and a high school JV team. I ended up starting my own club teams for boys players. We had four teams which employed a total of eight coaches. Then I saw the NBA opening and used every contact I had to secure an interview.

Best piece of personal advice to fellow IC students:
Do as much as you can. While at Ithaca, I maxed out on credits every semester, was the President of the Men’s Club Volleyball Team, wrote for 360 Magazine, did a radio sports update, acted in student films, etc. It was really beneficial to get so many different perspectives and has helped me in my position now where I have to be creative and think out of the box.


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