Instead of wallowing in my sorrows of being single, I was lucky enough to chat with ESPN’s Linda Cohn this past Valentine’s Day, which conveniently occurred during her time away from the office.

Most days, Cohn can be found hosting SportsCenter among a variety of other shows. A typical workday at ESPN’s Bristol, Connecticut-based studios will vary for her depending on which program assignment she receives.

“For example, if I was doing an 11 o’clock SportsCenter, they’d want me in at 5 p.m,” Cohn explained, “Because we have a meeting where we basically put together the entire show. If it’s the 9:00 a.m. SportsCenter, they might only want me in three or four hours early . . . ”

. . . and so begins  “Linda Cohn’s Day Off,” which was written by recently-graduated Sport Media Management major Nicole Sorce. The post originally appeared on Instream Sports and was eventually highlighted on the ESPN Front Row site.


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