According to Ryan Knapp, “Yes–if you go one step further.”

Ryan Knapp

The newly-minted NSCAA New Media Coordinator–and featured Symposium* speaker–devoted 90 minutes of his time today to talk to our graduate students about his wealth of experiences in the soccer industry.

Utilizing a flashy “Lessig Method” of presentation, which makes the traditional PowerPoint seem like The Walkman, Knapp quickly–yet efficiently–conveyed six pieces of advice for success:

1) Nurture a Network
2) Be Innovative
3) Leverage [Internship] Opportunities
4) Find a Mentor
5) Be Passionate
6) Brand Yourself

I don’t want to reduce Ryan’s informative and inspirational presentation to a mere 125-word blog post so I will post the video ASAP (yes, it’s “new media” so he filmed the presentation).

*I promise: Only two more posts today about the Symposium…

-Kyle Woody


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