By Matthew Stenberg ’14 Quality or quantity? That is what each person must ask himself when contemplating the future. Do you take a high paying job with little satisfaction, or do you take an average job doing something you love? Maybe go to a big city, or lay low in a small town? Football coaches […]

If you want to join one or all of the student media outlets on campus, here is your opportunity. ICTV will host its rush tonight (1/23) in Emerson Suites starting at 7 p.m. WICB and VIC will host their rush night on Thursday (1/24) in Park Auditorium starting at 7 p.m. The Ithacan will host […]

As part of a class assignment, Sport Media Relations students Matthew Morton and Rebecca Alpert caught up with Ithaca College senior Samantha Liberty to discuss Bombers women’s golf. Listen below (gray play button) as the Sport Management major recalls her recruiting process; reflects on her role in developing the women’s golf program; and discusses her […]

It is often said that for those aspiring to pursue careers in sport, you need to have an understanding of sales. This course will provide students with an overview of what constitutes sales within sport organizations, basic skills and knowledge associated with sales, how to create a sales culture, and how to use sales as […]

. . . for a third year in a row to host a sport sales seminar at Ithaca College. Led by alum Troy Tutt ’01 (Executive Director of Premium Sales & Service) and Dan Rosenthal (Manager, Inside Sales), this mini-course will provide students with an overview of what constitutes sales within sport organizations; basic skills […]

Senior Sport Media major Matt Tracy spent a semester studying abroad at The University of Cape Town, and while there he explored the existence of baseball in South Africa. With a quick Google search, he found that there was a youth baseball club nearby. By coincidence, his local friend — Asanda Mankayi, a student at […]

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