Senior Sport Media major Matt Tracy spent a semester studying abroad at The University of Cape Town, and while there he explored the existence of baseball in South Africa. With a quick Google search, he found that there was a youth baseball club nearby. By coincidence, his local friend — Asanda Mankayi, a student at […]

By Matt Tracy ’13 The evolution of a semester is incredible. When I think back to when I first arrived in South Africa, I vividly remember the feelings of fear and confusion (but also lots of excitement!). I knew nobody — and had an extremely difficult time understanding the wide variety of local accents. I […]

By Matt Tracy ’13 My spring break this year was unlike any spring break I’ve had before in my life. I usually spend my breaks catching up on homework, relaxing at home, or hanging out with friends. This year’s trip wasn’t even close to those. The four-day, five-night adventure began with a flight from Cape […]

By Matt Tracy ’13 I stepped out of the van in the Gugulethu township, a suburb of Cape Town, and was immediately surrounded by a group of young kids. Arriving at a township is like arriving in a new world and a totally different culture. We had just arrived at Mama Nox’s house for our […]

By Matt Tracy ’13 As I write this, I am sitting outside on the steps of upper campus at the University of Cape Town on a beautiful, 80-degree day. I have just completed my first two weeks of classes for the semester here at UCT. The first week was a learning experience for me in […]

By Matt Tracy ’13 While boarding my plane to Amsterdam last week I was still in New York, but I already felt like I had left the country. The accents, the different languages, and the appearances and clothing styles of the other passengers were all new to me. This was when I marked the official […]

By Matt Tracy ’13 Since I was a child, my grandmother always told me she loved to travel. I would listen to her stories about traveling the country from coast to coast and about her trips abroad to visit family or explore new countries. I was always very interested in her adventures, so I decided […]

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