It’s been quite some time since we last checked in on Tucker Healy (June 8, 2012 to be exact) . . . Recently, the 2012 Ithaca College graduate appeared in his first Spring Training game for the A’s this season. [Editor’s Note: I will select Tucker in the 1st-round of my upcoming fantasy baseball draft […]

By Ian Rebhan ’12 A year ago, this post was supposed to run as a grand finale to our series. For his entire junior season, we followed Tucker. We watched as he navigated through the scouts, letters, expectations and pressures of being a professional prospect — which isn’t easy for a 21-year old. From January […]

(Editor’s Note: The piece below was originally published on May 20, 2011; portions of the post have been updated. The finals rounds (16-40) of the 2012 MLB Draft take place today.) [UPDATE] Spoiler Alert. It happened: Oakland A’s, 23rd round, pick #709. By Ian Rebhan ’12 After countless questions, letters and phone calls, the season […]

By Kyle Woody I had the post written and saved on WordPress. The title was “And the Wait is Over…”; I was going to run the same “Closing in on a Dream” banner that has accompanied each post of this series. Below that, I was going to report the round, pick number and then slap […]

Throughout this “journey” (sorry, I’ve been watching The Bachelorette lately), we’ve tried to avoid subjectiveness and Grantland Rice-esque “hero worship” — and in our opinion, we’ve accomplished that goal*. With the draft approaching (Monday, June 6th: Round 1 // June 7th & 8th: Rounds 2-50), though, we wanted a definitive, unbiased report. So we tracked […]

By Ian Rebhan ’12 After countless questions, letters and phone calls, the season has almost come and gone. We have seen the scouts, and they have seen Tucker. It’s unbelievable to think that we are so close to the day that has been nothing but talk for nearly a year. It is dangerously close to […]

“It’s every little boy’s dream to play professional baseball. Tucker Healy is not only a talented athlete, but an all around class act. Come take the journey through Tucker’s past and present. Let’s watch as this once little boy from Needham has a chance to Chase the Dream.” Trailer for “Chasing the Dream” from Michael […]

By Ian Rebhan ’12 Tucker Healy is human. After a scintillating summer and an offseason filled with excitement, Tucker recently hit a speed bump (at 91mph). Are we surprised? Sure, but now it is clear that the expectations we have held are unfair. As a teammate, when #6 jogs in from the bullpen, I expect […]

By Ian Rebhan ’12 Talk is just noise. Up until now, I’ve created plenty of noise about this upcoming season due to the excitement. Tucker’s words — or lack thereof — have spoken volumes. The MLB letters have generated a steady buzz, as well. Now that the season has started, Tucker has stressed that what […]

By Ian Rebhan ’12 You never would have known that the first Major League team had just contacted him. Nothing changed; he came home just like every other day, placed his shoes at the door and walked downstairs to his room. He left the opened letter on his desk next to his computer and didn’t […]

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